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Another Arthur?

I guess I’m starting to attract Englishmen yet again…

/lightly chuckles

…  -Raises an eyebrow-  Well you’re doing a fine job of it, I can tell you that.  Hello and greetings.

Pfft tell your brother Wales that

/shakes her head and laughs

Hello to you too 


-Tilts his head-  My brother… Wales?  I do have a brother but I don’t think any of them go by that name.  One might live there now, though.  Are you thinking of someone else by chance?  -shakes head-  Ether way, it’s a pleasure to meet you, that I can assure.

Well… Wales being his ‘nation’ name, Rhys being his ‘human’ name. I’m pretty sure I’m thinking of the right person…

/nods and smiles

Likewise. So, how are things after the Olympics? I missed the closing ceremony, I heard it was quite a show.

…  -Opens his mouth and closes it-  Nation?  No, no.  -points to self-  I’m a human.  Not a… bit of land and culture with human names.  I was born in England, grew up, I’m making a living on my own, and waiting for death to steal me away at an untimely manner.  -Pauses-  As for the Olympics… well I don’t watch that many sports.  I’ve been meaning to catch up on it myself sometime.